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Monster High ---- As I Walk Through the Valley of Death ---- Heath x Abbey, slight Frankie x Holt

Do Me Favor


The jeweler placed the satin box into Heath's outstretched hands.  "Here you are!"

"Awesome, thanks!"  Heath pried the case open and took a peek inside.  On the plush pillow within lay a crystal necklace, its elegantly carved pendent sparkling.  He gave the jeweler a thumbs up.  "Looks as good as new!"

The goblin craftsman hobbled over to the counter and hopped up onto the stool behind the display case.  He began polishing the glass surface in front of him.  "Good good good.  Now, Miss Bominable already paid over the phone."  He removed his spectacles from his spindly nose and began shining them, as well.  "So, no need to worry."

"Oh, awesome.  Thank you."  Heath tucked the jewelry box into the back pocket of his jeans.  He was glad Abbey had taken care of payment ahead of time, since the thought hadn't even crossed his mind he took her up on the errand.  His own wallet was full of cobwebs and Dawn of the Dance ticket stubs—the first dance he had taken Abbey to, in fact.

The goblin waved his cleaning rag at him.  "Take care, now!"

The customer bell jingled as the door swung shut behind Heath.  The fire elemental placed his hands on his hips and peered up and down the street.  Fancying another look at Abbey's necklace, he withdrew the box from his back pocket.  Yep, still as perfect as ever.  His ghoul should be pleased.

Returning the treasure to its place, Heath knelt down and tied his shoe.  He had already missed one class to take Abbey's necklace to the jewelers, and he was sure lunch would be ending soon, too.  He wanted to be sure he got his ghoulfriend's necklace back to her as fast as bominable.  Er, possible, that is.  Abbey had been acting oddly towards him that morning, and he was eager to make amends.  Straightening up, he dusted himself off and then took off running down the street.


"Heath, can I ask you favor?"

The daughter of the Yeti, as well as Heath's official ghoulfriend of two months, had approached his locker after second period that morning.  Abbey Bominable clutched a stack of school books at her waist, and her face wore a worried expression it did not often have.

"Sure thing, Russian doll."  Heath snapped his locked shut and leaned against it.  "What can I help with?"

"I need someone to run a precious errand for me."  Setting her books on the ground, Abbey reached around her neck and unclasped the crystal necklace she always wore at her throat.  She held it up for him to see.  "See crack?"  She pointed to one of the gems.  Heath squinted, and he did indeed notice a crooked fracture marring the jewel's surface.  Abbey returned the pendent in her palm.  Her eyebrows cinched together.  "That very bad.  Need fixing.  Please, could you take to jeweler for me?  It on Stoker Street three block over.  Already made appointment, but cannot miss big Biteology exam today.  Can you do that for me?"

"Oh, sure thing, doll!"  The boy laughed and scratched the back of his head.  He flashed her a sheepish grin.  "I didn't do my Dragonomics homework, so I could use a reason to skip, anyhow."

Abbey smiled, though not in response to his joke.  She placed a hand on his sleeve, settling the other over her heart.  "Thank you, thank you.  You have no idea how much mean to me."

"Of course.  Anytime."  Clasping the necklace in his hand, he leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek.

Abbey gasped, pulling away from him.  She turned away, having thrown a hand over her cheek.

"Oh no—Abbey!"  Heath threw out a hand towards her.  "I'm sorry, baby!…I didn't burn you, did I?"

Abbey peeked at him over her shoulder.  "It okay—not hurt that bad."  Scooping up her books, she started hurrying down the hall.  She waved at him over her shoulder, her other hand still pressed to her cheek.  "I see you later, okay?"

"...Okay..."  Heath sighed as he watched her scurry away.  The fire sprite shoved his hands in his pockets and slumped against his locker door.  He had never scorched Abbey—or anyone, for that matter—with his kiss before.  (In fact, she was the one usually accidentally freezing him with a casual touch.)  His hair hadn't even been flaring up just now.  He hoped this wasn't some new thing—it was hard enough for a fire elemental and a Yeti girl to be dating already.  Sheesh.

After brooding a moment longer, he opened his hand and observed the crystal choker Abbey had left in his care.  He had never touched Abbey's necklace before—or even seen her without it.  He ran his fingers over the sharp, straight edges.  Tucking the prized possession into the inside pocket of his jacket, he hurried down the hall, devising a way he could sneak off of campus for a few hours.


Abbey drummed her pencil against her desk, massaging her temple with her fingers.  She had only been without her necklace a few hours, but she was already beginning to feel the effects.  The margins of her Biteology exam were littered with hearts and stars instead of calculations and equations, and she was constantly wiping invisible sweat from her forehead.  She snapped at her fur collar.  Bah, why did the Down Belowers keep their classrooms so warm, anyhow?

A few moments later, the bell rang, signaling the end of class.  A roar rumbled through the halls as students pushed back from their desks and stampeded out of their classrooms.  Abbey sighed and pushed away her own seat, felt underneath on the floor for her purse.  Her exam hadn't gone well, but it was better than skipping it entirely, and according to Clawdeen, Hackington was absolutely murder to make up exams with.  Good thing Heath had been able to run her necklace to the jewelers this morning.  As she returned her pencils to her purse, Abbey's heart began racing when she realized she might be able to catch Heath by his locker in just a few minutes if she hurried up.  Rushing out of the classroom, she made it halfway down the hall before she realized she had left all her books at her desk and had to hurry back.

Her shoulders slumped when she didn't see her boyfriend leaning against his locker, waiting for her like he always did before lunch period.  She slunk into the Creepateria by herself and sat at a table in the far corner, hoping none of her friends would come in and see her.  She was in no mood for talking right now.  Propping her head up on her fist, she pushed her food around her plate with her plastic spoon.

Abbey's heart sank further when she didn't see Heath on the way toward her sixth period class, either.  She was hoping he'd be back by now—she could use a pick-me-up before Physical Deaducation, her least favorite class.  Sighing, she straightened her posture, trying to mentally prepare herself for another miserable, sweaty period.  Ugh…each time she swallowed, she felt as though a wad of cotton was stuck in her throat, and whenever she wiped her sweaty cheek, she feared she was smearing makeup all over her face.  Hopefully Heath would be back by the time she passed by his locker on her way to Dead Languages later that afternoon.  She couldn't stand this much longer.


Heath positioned the blue satin box on his locker shelf as he collected his books for Biteology class.  Abbey was probably already in Phys. Dead., so he would have to hand the necklace off to her when she passed by him on the way to Dead Languages that afternoon.  He smiled—he knew Abbey's schedule by heart.  That's what couples do, right?

The bell rang a second time, jolting him out of his daydream.  Grabbing his slender Biteology notebook, the fire elemental was about to slam his locker shut when he hesitated.  Abbey's jewelry box looked awfully exposed, just sitting there alone on his shelf like that.  He gathered up a few of his loose class notes and, having arranged them on top, slammed his locker shut and dashed off towards class before the last bell tolled.


Abbey picked up her speed as she turned onto Heath's hall.  She ready to get her necklace back—oh well, and see Heath too, of course.  Her cheek still stung from where he had tried to kiss her earlier that morning; she hadn't acted fast enough, that time.  During Clawculus, Ghoulia had handed her a white bandage decorated with tiny red hearts to cover her cheek. Once she had her jewelry back, she could give Heath a kiss on the cheek and say 'thank you' for running such an important errand for her.  

Seeing the boy at his locker, her heart began pounding and she picked up her pace; however, feeling lightheaded, she slowed down again.

"Hello there, hello."  She sidled up next to him and settled a hand on his sleeve, careful to touch only the fabric.  "How you doing?"  Her eyes passed from his empty hands to inside his locker.  "Sorry to be forward, but do you have necklace?"

"Yep, sure do!  Riiiight here."  Heath began rummaging around in his locker.

He frowned.  The necklace wasn't there.

"Um, hold on just a sec…"  He gathered up all his loose notes and dropped them on the floor to gain better access to his textbooks in the back.  As he banged around his locker, Abbey, her brow furrowing, crouched down and began shifting through the pile, but she found nothing.

"I swear I placed it under these when I got back to school…"  Heath's heart began pounding.  He hadn't seriously lost it, had he?

Abbey rose, her eyebrows knitted together in a mountainous crease.   She pulled on her bottom lip with her thumb and forefinger.  "You sure not in bag?  Or pocket?" she offered.

Heath obligingly turned out his pockets, then picked up his backpack and dumped the contents out on the floor.  Papers and pencils went rolling in every direction, but no box slipped out with them.

Dropping the bag on the ground, Heath leaned against his locker and scratched his head.  "I'm sorry, Abbey, I'll keep looking…I swear I put it in here just an hour ago."  The fire elemental's expression suddenly brightened, and he snapped his fingers.  "Or, better yet—I'll buy you a new one!  An even better one.  I mean, I'm sure your old one was special, but, I'll make it up to you—"

"No, no—Heath…you not understanding."  Abbey's skinny legs began to tremble, and the ghoul took a step back from the mess they had made.  Her pale blue cheeks whitened, and, although it went unnoticed by her boyfriend, her breaths became short and labored.  "Heath…without necklace…I—I…weee…"

Heath glanced up from the stack he'd been reviewing when Abbey didn't finish her sentence after a few moments.   "…Hm?"

Abbey hadn't answered him, because she was spread out on the floor of the hallway, her arms and legs twisted at haphazard angles.  She had fainted dead away.
LOL, I'm sure most of my friends are looking at this going, SERIOUSLY? MONSTER HIGH? ...If they even know what it is. ;A; Wobba wobba. I just find it a super adorable series, a perfect combo of girliness and monsteryness. I just got super inspired in writing this story, for some reason. ;A; It feels nice!

Anyway, I got the idea for this fic from reading on Abbey B.'s various bios that her necklace provides her with her icy environment while she’s walking around school. I got to thinking—what if she lost the necklace? Would she, ya know...die? Prolly not, but I'm going to explore that idea with this fic. :) Plus, I love Heath x Abbey. I'm soo excited they just released 'A Perfect Match'—really lucked out there! I thought it wouldn't come out for a few months yet. :D Is anyone else excited? X3

Whoo, anyway, more of this fic is coming. If you prefer to read it on FanFiction.Net, here is the link!: [link]

Why is there no Abbey x Heath club? Can someone make that, please? ;A;

| NEXT CHAPTER :pointr:
poop6480 Featured By Owner May 6, 2013
Holy crap! Last story was last year :( Pleaseeee make more!! :) Best fanfic of Habbey I've ever seen! ;)
Pinkanon Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Saw this on earlier--More please :)
Eleanor-D Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
:highfive: Will do! Thank you for checking it out :D~
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